'Light of Love' Tree Lighting is a special way to honor your loved one who is now serving in our military or has served our country in days gone by :

'Light of Love' Colors:
Blue Star: represents any service member, active, reserve or guard.
Silver Star: represents a service member wounded in the line of duty.
Gold Star: represents a service member that lost their life in the line of duty.
Black Star: represents a service member that is listed as missing in action or as a prisoner of war.

Join us for the 2020 Light of Love celebration on Sunday December 6 Va Auditorium, 2 PM

In 2005, one of our Mom's had all three of her sons serving out of the country. She was missing them terribly. It was Christmas time and she was wandering down along the Canandaigua Lake front trying to come to terms with it. It suddenly struck her that it would be a great idea to have a place where the families of the deployed could come and be with one another to talk, give each other support and just think about their soldier there by the lake. A Christmas tree in the lake front gazebo would be the perfect place. And so was born the Blue Star Mothers Light of Love Christmas Tree.

Each year, at the end of November, we have permission from the City of Canandaigua to decorate their town Christmas tree at the Gazebo in Kershaw Park with various colored stars and tree lights. Blue stars are for any person who has or is serving, silver for wounded, gold for deceased, black for POW or MIA. We have a service where we hang the stars employing many of our local veterans from every service branch as well as other people active in the community. It is a very inspiring time. Hot chocolate and home made baked goods are on offer as well as a time to socialize with others who are in the same set of circumstances as you. While you not are required to attend, as we will hang your star on the tree for you, you are welcome to come and personally hang your star.


All you have to do is let us know what the name and branch of service your person is, or was in, supply a picture for the center of the star and what color it should be (Blue, Silver, Gold, or Black). The star will be hung on the first Sunday after Thanksgiving and be on display till the Sunday after Christmas. There is no charge for this. Click here for instructions .

The Park District employees are very good about keeping an eye on the tree to make sure that it is not defaced. At the end of the thirty day period, you may ask for your star back or we will save it till the following year to be re-hung. Let us know if you want to attend the subsequent ceremonies where you can personally hang your star.

We have some stars from families going back to the War of 1812, the Civil War, and so forth. It is very interesting and very moving.

If you have questions regarding this ceremony, please feel free to contact us.