During the year we send our men and women overseas packages. We need your help by volunteering to collect items or to pack. We are in the need of the following items along with cash donations:

Trail mixes/Nuts/Dried Fruit
Beef Jerky/Slim Jims/Cheese Sticks/ Pop Tarts
Pepperoni Sticks/Canned Cheese/Small Crackers
Canned Fruit/Canned Spaghetti-o's
Ravioli Pop Top Cans
Shelf to Table Meals (Bonappetite, etc)
Canned Sardines or Oysters
Chicken & Tuna Foil Packs or Cans
Peanut Butter & Jelly Combo Jars
Nutella and other flavored spreads

Sugar/Sweeteners/Canned Chocolate Syrup with Spoons
Canned Chips/Pretzels (NO BAGS PLEASE)/Salsa
Little Debbie Snacks/Pudding Cups
Chewy Granola Bars or similiar
Individually Wrapped Twizzlers/Smarties/Bubble Gum/Hard Candy
Canned Chocolate Syrup and Spoons
Instant Breakfast Mixes
Instant Coffee/Tea Bags/Flavored Creamers
Drink Mixes with Electrolytes (Gatorade or others)
Salt & Pepper Individual Size
Individual Condiments (Ketchup, etc)

Travel Size Personal Hygiene Products
Toothpaste/Toothbrushes/Dental Floss Picks
Shampoo/Conditioner/Spray Foot Powder
Deodorant for Men/Women/Imodium
Chap Stick/Mouthwash/Body Wash and Soap

Nail Clippers/Nail Files
Cotton Balls/Cotton Swabs/Q-Tips
Gel Shaving Cream/Razors for Men/Women
Eye Glass Cleaner
Ben-Gay or Equivalen/Activated Heat Wraps
Eye Glass Repair Kit
Disposable Towels (Wet)

Suntan Lotion w/Sunblock
Insect Repellant w/Deet
Fly Strips
Plain Alka-Seltzer Tablets/Rolaids/Pepto
Cotton Balls & Q-Tips/Toilet Paper
OTC Reading Glasses
Allergy Medications
Aspirin/Tylenol or equiv.

Car Air Fresheners (SEALED)
Flip Flops (Adult Sizes 9-12)
Cooling Scarves and Head Bands
Disposable Cameras/Batteries
Inflatable Pillow/ Hackey Sack & Stress Balls
Inflatable Seat Cushions
Canned Air (for Cleaning computers)
Tool Kits like Gerber Tool

New Magazines(Truck/Bike/Sports)
Puzzle Books/Playing Cards/Board Games
Baseball w/Mitt/Frisbees/ Small Balloons
Water Guns/Super Soakers/DVD's
Cards from Home

Men's Pajamas (M-L-XLg)
Men's White T-Shirts/Civilian T-Shirts with Pockets
Men's Brown/Black Crew Socks (Adult Sizes 9-13)
Men's Briefs/Boxers (All Sizes - WHITE only)
Boot/Athletic Shoe Laces (Black/Brown)
Hand & Foot Warmer Packs/Rain Coats/Ponchos

Women's Pajamas (S-M-Lg)
Sports Bras (All Sizes WHITE/BLACK only)
Women's White Cotton Crew Socks (Adult Sizes 9-13)
Women's Underwear (Sizes 5-13 - WHITE only)
Feminine Hygiene Items (FDS/Tampons/Pads)
Hair Care Products for Women of Color


Please send your contributions to the following address:
PO BOX 426
Bloomfield, NY 14469

You may also make a cash donation to help us buy the items and to pay for the postage.