During the year we send our men and women overseas packages. We need your help by volunteering to collect items or to pack.
We also distribute used clothing to local veterans in need and accept clean clothing in good condition. Please send a "Contact Us" note if you wish to contribute.
We are in the need of the following items along with cash donations:


Chips - Pringles, pretzels, things that won't get too crushed
Beef Jerky, beef summer sausage (non-perishable, USDA beef)
Chicken or tuna lunch kits (includes foil pouch of tuna, crackers, and condiments in each single-serving kit.
Fruit:single serving size cans
Gum, LifeSavers, mints (blister pack gun is best because of the intense heat)
Hard Candy (single wrapped)
Jalapeno Velveeta and crackers
Nuts, sunflower seeds, peanuts, trait mix, dried fruit
Cereal bars, granola bars, popcorn
Power bars, protein bars, nutritional bars
Ramen noodles
Ravioli and other canned ready-to-eat meals (single serving) with pop-top
Seasoning salts, flavoring salts
Taco Bell sauce packets
Microwavable Mug Muffins (Duncan Hines, Kruteaz, Betty Crocker)


Baby wipes for personal hygiene (alcohol free)
Disposable hand sanitizing wipes
Insect repellent
Lip Balm in stick tubes rather than tubs, not tinted
Liquid hand sanitizer (no pump style dispensers)
Sunblock (travel size or stick preferable, no aerosol, SPF 30+)
Travel size packages of Q-tips
Women's feminine wipes
Air Fresheners (non aerosol)
Dental floss
Hair Care Products for Women of Color
Disposable multi-blade razors (no single blade razors please)
Replacement Blades
Liquid body wash soap, liquid anti-bacterial soap (no bar soap or pump style dispensers)
Toothpaste (in hard-sided tubes rather than traditional tubes if possible)
Lotion, unscented (no pump style dispensers)
Men's and women's deodorant
Nail Clippers

Beverage Items

Crystal Light or other brand, "On the Go" flavor packets
Ground coffee, K-Cups
Hot cocoa
Lemonade mix, Kool-Aid, Tang, Iced Tea mix, etc.
Sports drink mix (Powdered and tablet only)

Recreational Items

Hacky sacks, tennis balls, frisbee
Movie DVDs (new or used, but original please)
Small hand held Games
Coloring Books, colored pencils, markers, work searches

Foot Care Items

Band-Aids (sweat/water resistant)
Boot liners/insoles
Lotrimin AF, Tinactin for athletes' foot (ointment or cream, no aerosol)
Medicated foot powder, medicated foot swabs
Odor Eaters for boots

Please avoid Sending

Aerosols of any type


Please send your contributions to the following address:
PO BOX 503
NY 14502

You may also make a cash donation to help us buy the items and to pay for the postage.